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Credit Education

At The Law Offices of Jerry R. Lowe, we know that your bankruptcy is only part of your concern: You also want to get back to a normal life. This includes rebuilding your credit score as fast as possible. For years, we have been meeting with clients who are terrified about the future: How will you survive in a world that will judge you based on your credit score? You need credit to rent an apartment, buy a car. In fact, more and more, employers are running credit check on potential employees. We’ve listened to your concerns and then we found answers.


In our research, we’ve discovered a few things:

  1. If you take immediate steps to start rebuilding your credit score after a bankruptcy, you can transform your credit score 18 to 24 months after your bankruptcy has been discharged.

  2. You must take these steps. Too many people decide to wipe their hands clean of credit. As time passes, instead of having poor credit, they end up with no credit. Unfortunately, no credit is just as bad as poor credit.

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Building your credit after bankruptcy is not rocket science, but there are a few pieces of

advice we'd like to give you when we meet that could make all the difference.


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